Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

UTI is "Urinary Tract Infection," meaning any infection related to urine. This infection can happen in any organ of the urinary system, like the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. However, this infection mainly occurs in the lower parts, like the bladder and the urethra. Therefore, UTIs mainly occur in women. This infection can cause severe pain in your bladder or urethra. 

Some people can feel the ache in their kidneys. It is not a significant infection, but if not treated on time, it can cause severe damage to a patient's kidney. If one feels infected with UTI, one should immediately consult a doctor. The doctor will prescribe an antibiotic course or injections to cure the infection. 

Indication of UTI:

This infection does not always show indications. Sometimes people do not even know that they are suffering from this issue. But sometimes, the indication that these infection shows are:

  • People suffering from UTIs feel frequent urges for urination.
  • An infected person is not able to control their urine.
  • A person will feel a scorching feeling while urinating. 
  • Sometimes people can see spots of blood in their urine. It is because urine can come with some pus cells in it.
  • The color of urine changes in this infection. Urine color can be dark yellow or pale yellow.
  • An infected person's urine will cause more smell than usual.
  • Women can feel extreme pain in their vaginas, mainly in the midpoint of the pelvis.
  • A person can also feel fever, nausea, and weakness in the body.  

Different Types of UTIs:

Urinary Tract Infection or UTIs are broadly categorized into three types based on the infection in the particular organ. 

Kidneys (Acute Pyelonephritis)

This situation happens when your urine infection extends to the kidney. It can cause fever, vomiting, and headache. When people are feeling these symptoms, they should consult a doctor.

Bladder (Cystitis)

This situation occurs when a urinary infection occurs in the bladder. In this infection, the person can feel uneasiness in the lower part of the belly. The urination will be painful, and the person has to pee more often.

Urethra (Urethritis)

Any urine infection starts from the urethra. The urethra is the first part that will get affected. In starting, the person only feels a scorching feeling while peeing. People always take it lightly and do not consult the doctor about it. If people consult a doctor as a first step, they do not have that many problems.

What Causes Urinary Tract Infection:

  • This infection commonly happens because disease-ridden bacteria enter our body through the urethra during urination. 
  • Bacteria start growing and spreading across our different urinary tract organs when bacteria enter our bodies.   
  • It can happen when people do not clean themselves properly after urinating. 
  • This infection commonly happens in women because they have shorter urethras than men. That is why the viruses move effortlessly to their bladder. 
  • People who have diabetes have a higher chance of getting infected with UTI. 

Some Remedies to Prevent UTIs:

One should consult the doctor if they have any of the above symptoms. However, a person can safeguard themselves from this infection so that it will not be caused shortly.

  • Women should start using toilet seat sanitizers while peeing. It is necessary to use this, especially in public toilets. A public toilet is the leading cause of UTIs. 
  • People should start using intimate wash after urinating. Intimate wash helps them in cleaning their private parts properly.
  • People should start drinking sufficient water as it is essential for everyone. Drinking water helps in peeing rapidly. In addition, it will help clean the body. 
  • People should not use scented products like deodorant on their lower parts as it can cause uneasiness.

Medical Attention to Cure UTI:

If any person suffers from any of the above symptoms, they should immediately consult the doctor. The doctor will conduct a simple urine test in which it gets confirmed whether you are suffering from UTI or not. 

According to the reports, the doctor will provide you with medication. However, if your infection does not get treated after the medication, the doctor has to perform CT Scan, MRI, and Ultrasound. 

The most common treatment is antibiotics. After consuming antibiotics, as per the doctor's suggestion, you will surely recover from UTI. However, when the infection becomes extreme, doctors give injections to cure it. 

Even though Urinary Tract Infection is a common problem and happens to anyone but it should not be taken too casually. One can prevent it by maintaining proper hygiene and taking preventive measures timely. Also, proper medical attention and medication give great relief. 

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