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Virtual Care FAQs

What is virtual care?

Virtual care refers to the provision of medical care and treatment through telemedicine technology, allowing patients to consult with a healthcare provider remotely, such as through video conferencing or phone call. This type of care can be used for non-emergency illnesses and injuries, and can be a convenient alternative to traditional in-person visits to an urgent care clinic or emergency room. Virtual care can also be used for follow-up appointments and prescription refills.

How does virtual care work?

Virtual care typically involves a video consultation with a healthcare provider using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. During the consultation, the provider will assess the patient's symptoms and provide a diagnosis and treatment plan. Prescriptions can also be sent electronically to your pharmacy if needed.

Is virtual care a recommended method to receive healthcare services?

Yes! Virtual care allows patients to consult with a healthcare provider remotely, which can be especially useful in certain situations, such as during a pandemic, or if you are unable to leave your home or are in a remote location. However, it's important to note that virtual care may not be appropriate for all medical conditions and that some situations may require an in-person examination. Also, virtual care might be limited in its ability to provide certain diagnostic tests and treatments. It's thus essential that you follow your health care provider's advice and seek in-person care if needed.

Are truHealthNow's virtual services secure?

Yes, preserving confidentiality is an integral part of our ethical standards. We take the issue of privacy very seriously and legal measures are put in place to guarantee the confidentiality of patients. Our telehealth system is developed to be secure, private, and in compliance with all HIPPA regulations.

Does insurance cover virtual care?

Yes, most insurance plan covers virtual care. However, it's best to confirm with your insurance provider. You can find more information on the "Pricing & Insurance" page on our website.

Can I get a prescription filled after a virtual care visit?

Yes, our healthcare providers can electronically send prescriptions to the patient's pharmacy after a virtual care visit. We can also send medications directly to your door step through our virtual pharmacy.

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