Pap Smear

Pap smear is mainly a life-saving test conducted to ensure if the patient is facing cervical cancer. Through it, detection is possible before the cells become cancerous. 

There is a professional who goes through complete HPV testing during the Pap Smear so that the main root of cervical cancer can be determined. If there are any signs in the Pap smear, it can be a sign of infection, cancer, or other problems.

Reasons to Go For the Pap Smear 

The main reason people go for the Pap smear is to analyze if there are any changes concerned in the cervical cell before they finally turn into cancer. If the detection of cancer is done at the initial stage, then finding the concerned solution that will be best is possible. 

Once they take the face of complete cancer cells, treating deadly diseases becomes impossible. If you are a woman within the age group of 21 to 65 years then going for the Pap smear will be best. Resting people's health factors is a significant factor in deciding the right time for the test.

How Often Should I Go For Pap Smear?

The best time o go for the test is after every three years from age 21 to 65. When you reach the age of 30, you can go for the human Papillomavirus with Pap testing. Going after every five years will be best if you go for both tests. 

HPV is mainly a sexually transmitted infection linked with cervical cancer. Some common concerns indicate being trapped in a severe health condition:

  • Cancer cells or the Pap test revealed in the precancerous cells
  • A weak immune system can be due to organ transplant, chemotherapy, or the chronic corticosteroid use
  • Having exposure to diethylstilbestrol before birth
  • HIV infection

Any of the symptoms in the body will indicate that you must undergo the Pap smear test. You can consult with a doctor who will guide you in detail as to the right time for consultancy.

How to Prepare For Pap smear?

Are you having the day of periods at this time? In that case, avoid going for the Pap smear test due to high blood pressure; there are chances of inaccuracy in the results. If in any case, scheduling of test is done during these days, then asks the concerned doctors to make changes so that you do not have to face issues in the future time. 

Before 48 hours of the tests, doctors recommend you take into consideration some tips to have high success in the test:

  • Avoid doing sex or using the lubricants
  • Never make use of the sprays or the powder near the  vagina area
  • Don’t plan to insert any material in the vagina section, including the tampins, medication, or creams.
  • Avoid using water, vinegar, or other fluid to clean the vagina.

Steps Followed in the Process

The complete process of the Pap smear is about 10 to 20 minutes. When the initial setup for a process is done, the patient will lie on a table with feet placed in the stirrups. You will here have to spread the legs so doctors can easily enter a metal or plastic tool into the vagina. 

Their main motive is to open it up so that the vagina walls get widen. As and when the vagina walls of the patient are opened, doctors can easily see the cervix and make a proper analysis. They will use a swab to take out the sample cells of the cervix. 

Here doctors need to be careful and put the piece of the cervix in the liquid substance in a small jar and give them in the lab area for the proper inspection. As such, there is no harm to the patient in the complete process; it is just that they feel under high pressure.

Results of Pap Smear


Having a negative result of the Pap smear test is a good thing. It is a clear indication of the fact that there is not even a single precancerous or cancerous cell that is available on the cervix. 

If you will have such results, then in no way are you bound to go for the tests unless and until you get a doctor's recommendation.


Having abnormal results in the test will not work as a direct indication of the fact that you have cancer. Several reasons are mainly responsible for the abnormal results in the pap smear.

  • A minor change in the cell
  • Hpv or any other sort of infection
  • Cancer or the pre-cancer
  • Lab tests errors

Final Thought

Going for the Pap smear test repeated times is the best option to ensure that there are any cancer cells in the vagina. The solution to such diseases is possible if their detection is done on time.

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