Fracture is a very common bone abrasion that people suffer. However, its severity can depend on the intensity of the injury. A fracture means cracking, partial or complete breaking, which leads to swelling and severe pain in the affected area. Fractures can happen due to pressure on the bone, excessive weakness (a disease) in the bone, or severe injury. It can be cured by doing plaster or may require surgery to fix the broken bone. It can happen in any bone of the body. 

Signs of a Bone Fracture:

The warning sign of fracture can easily be seen without any specific diagnosis. It includes indications such as:

  • The affected area will start swelling. 
  • The person will not even be able to move their affected part.
  • The injured person can feel coldness and itching in the affected body part. 
  • The affected area will ache unbearably. 

Causes of a Fracture:

There is not one single cause of fracture in any body part. However, here are some common causes of bone fracture. 

  • If any person trips over from a greater altitude.
  • If any person meets with a severe accident. 
  • It can also happen when any person puts continuous stress on any bone. 
  • It can even occur when any person’s bones are too weak. It happens due to Osteoporosis. 
  • Any metabolic diseases and deficiencies in certain nutrients.

First aid for any fracture injury:

  • The first step that any person should take is to check whether the injured person can breathe properly.
  • One should also check whether they are bleeding from somewhere else apart from the fractured area. 
  • Before taking the wounded person to the hospital, ensure they are not restless.
  • One should not delay taking the person to the hospital as it can swell the injury.
  • If upper skin is also injured, one should first aid that area, as it can decrease the chance of infection.
  • One can use ice packs to reduce the pain.
  • But the utmost essential step is taking the wounded person to the hospital. This is because a doctor can only cure a fracture.
  • The doctor will do an X-ray of the injured person, and they can examine the actual situation and severity of the fracture.
  • After seeing the actual situation, doctors can prescribe treatment according to it.

Activities to Avoid in Fracture:

  • Try not to shift the wounded bone as it can surge the wound. 
  • Never treat bone fracture at home as this injury needs actual treatment, not home remedies.

When to Consult a doctor?

  • One should immediately take the injured person to the hospital if the person is nauseous or not responding to your questions.
  • If you see that an injured person is not even able to move the body part and is yearning to ache.
  • If the injured area color changes to blue or it becomes swollen. 
  • If one can see, feel the fracture in the bone through the outer skin.

Prevention measures to avoid a Fracture:

If one wants to be safe from a fracture, he can take preventive measures to avoid the injury.

  • One can wear a safety helmet on the head and cushioned pads on the knees and elbows while doing some sports.
  • Parents can use child-safe products in their homes so corners of sharp furniture cannot hit them.
  • Try not to put excess pressure on any body part if you have Osteoporosis. 

Final Thought:

Though a fracture is a serious injury and requires immediate medical attention, it is curable. Also, timely treatment is necessary because if it is not treated on time, the chances of injury can be worse.

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