Diabetes is a health condition that occurs when there is a high glucose level. Generally, such a situation occurs when there is a production of an inappropriate amount of insulin by the pancreas, or the response of the body is low to the insulin effect. 

Various forms of diabetes vary based on the person who is facing it. You might have chronic diabetes or one that is for a limited period and will reduce over time.

Symptoms of Diabetes

As such, the symptoms of diabetes are not ones that a person will notice on a timely basis; they occur suddenly. Based on the type of diabetes you are facing, a slight variation in the range of symptoms can exist. Let's have a look at some common symptoms:

  • Feeling very thirsty
  • Losing weight at a high speed
  • Feeling tired daily
  • A blurred vision
  • Urine is coming at a higher rate

If the diagnosis of diabetes is not made on time, it might take a devastating turn, and effects starts on the heart, eyes, and even the nervous system. A person facing diabetes has a higher chance of problems like heart stack, strokes, and even kidney failure.

Causes of Diabetes

If there is a good amount of glucose circulating in the body, then the chance of diabetes in a person increases. The main reason responsible for the increased amount of glucose level will be a variation based on the type of diabetes that you are facing with. There is some common cause of diabetes that is taken into consideration:

  • Hormonal imbalance, mainly during the time of pregnancy
  • If the person is facing the autoimmune disease
  • Resistance to insulin can also lead to a high level of diabetes
  • Damage in the pancreatic section

When to Go For A1C Tests?

The A1C test is mainly conducted to determine the blood sugar level for the past three months. After going through the test, only a proper diagnosis of diabetes and its treatment on time is possible. If you have a higher level of A1C, then there might be a high level of complication in the future.

  1. If you have any symptoms showing that you have diabetes, and then doing the A1C tests will be advisable. There is some appropriate time for going through the test on time:
  2. In case the result of A1C s normal but your age is higher than 45, and you have had gestational diabetes in the past, then going for the test after every three years will be best.
  3. If the reports depict you are a pre-diabetic patient, consult doctors simultaneously. Based on their recommendation, you can repeat the test on time, as per their reports.
  4. If you get a positive result but there are no symptoms, then go for the test again to get confirmation on the accuracy of the reports.

Results of A1C Tests

 If the A1C reports depict that rate is 5.7%, then you are not facing diabetes, which is normal. A glucose level in the range of 5.7% to 6.4% will indicate that you are a pre-diabetic patient. In the last case, if the range is between 6.5% and above, then it is sure that you have diabetes, and consulting with the doctor will be a good option.

What Affects A1C Results?

Several factors will have an overall effect on the increasing or decreasing value of the A1C tests. Let’s have a look at some common things on which the results will depend:

  • Transfusion of blood
  • Blood loss
  • Early or late pregnancy
  • Some of the medications
  • A failure in the kidney or the liver

Preventive Measures to Avoid Diabetes

Every problem that can take a serious turn in the future surely has some preventive measures you can opt for. Mainly a lifestyle change is the best option that you can opt for to have control over the overall diabetic level. To prevent diabetes of type 2 and concerned complications, you can add on certain things:

  • Avoid having tobacco
  • Eat a healthy diet without sugar and fat content
  • Reach and keep a healthy body weight
  • Remain active physically for at least 30 minutes by doing proper exercise

Final Thoughts

Diabetes is a serious health issue that requires proper treatment on time and under the proper guidance of doctors. Taking preventive measures in the lifestyle will reduce the chance of such a problem. You can go for the A1C tests that will help in analyzing as for what is the level of diabetes that you are facing at a specific time and try to fight it by taking medication, which is a must.

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