Dental and Mouth Pain

Dental or Tooth pain is something many people go through. Sometimes this long-lasting pain doesn’t allow patients to eat their favorite food. Tooth pain is pain or aches inside our mouth, Tooth, or gums.

Sometimes tooth pain can be indicative of a severe problem. Thus, it would be best if you visited the doctor (dentist) as soon as possible. Unfortunately, people often ignore tooth pain and try to cure it at home. But if the pain is not relieving or increasing, it is always advisable to see a dentist.

What Does Tooth Pain Indicate?

Tooth cavity: Most tooth pain is due to cavities or bacterial infections. It occurs due to bad mouth hygiene when you eat sugary items and don’t wash out the traces properly. As a result, bacteria come into that Tooth and start attacking it, leading to a hole. It causes a lot of pain, and you need to go to a dentist as soon as possible to fill the cavity.

Sinus infection: Many times, tooth pain is indicative of sinus infection. This tooth pain occurs on the top arch of the mouth. To know if you have a sinus infection, you can tilt your head, and if pain increases, chances are you have a sinus infection. You need to see the doctor for proper medication and treatment.

Infected gums: They can lead to severe tooth pain. Gums infection occurs due to poor hygiene or bacterial attacks.

Tooth Sensitivity: Many people do have sensitive teeth. It means they have problems with their teeth while having hot or cold food or drinks. Sometimes this sensitivity leads to tooth pain.

Wisdom toothache: Everyone must have heard of wisdom teeth. These teeth come from different gums and grow in an uncomfortable position, leading to toothache. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to go to a dentist as soon as possible and take wisdom teeth out of your mouth.

Dental and mouth pain (PC)

Below are some homemade solutions to relieve tooth pain that you can use in an emergency when you can’t find an appointment with a dentist. Homemade things usually don't have side effects so you can rely on them for temporary pain relief. However, you need to go to a licensed dentist for permanent relief.

Garlic:  Garlic has been known for its pure medicinal qualities for a long time. In tooth pain, you need to take 1-2 garlic cloves and put them in your mouth behind the Tooth, which is aching. Now you need to chew garlic a little so its medicinal juice can come out. It will give excellent temporary relief. 

Neem leaves: Neem is famous for its medicinal purposes worldwide. You need to take two or three neem leaves, chew them in your mouth, and don’t gulp it. Put it in your mouth for some time. Neem has antioxidant properties. It will clean your teeth from some dirt material and will give pain relief.

Warm salt water: Rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater will rinse all the dirt particles and food left outs and give your teeth relief. 

How To Prevent Toothache?

Tooth pain is harsh and miserable to live with. Therefore, you always need to take special care of your damaged Tooth. But what if you maintain this special tooth care regularly, it can prevent you from many tooth problems and several dental appointments. 

1. Oral hygiene

You need to brush your teeth two times a day. This decreases the chances of bacterial infection. Always ensure your mouth is cleaned after eating, as any left outs will lead to the bacterial invitation. 

2. Gums hygiene:

You need to clean your gums and not only your teeth. Unfortunately, many people ignore their gums which leads to gum infections. So, make sure you clean your gums to avoid any problems.

3. Dental appointments:

Make sure to make an appointment once every two months for safety purposes and to know the condition of your teeth. Dentists will keep you aware, so you will not have any sudden tooth problems. Also, regular dental check-ups will help cure tooth pain before it becomes severe.


Tooth pain is unbearable and can be indicative of many severe dental problems. So, it’s always advisable to see dentists as they will always provide you with their best knowledge and can prevent severe problems if shown on time.

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