Agility & Clearance Physicals

People should be physically fit as it is a crucial aspect of a healthy lifestyle. No matter, whether you are an athlete, a sports person, or an ordinary individual who loves to be active, marinating excellent physical health is significant. In addition, agility is one of the biggest components of physical fitness, as it is the ability to easily and quickly move. 

Further, another necessary part of physical fitness is clearance physicals. The main aim of this examination is to ensure that participants are healthy as well as fit and they can easily do any physical activity. However, sports personalities and athletes usually need to clear physicals clearness as giving this exam is necessary for their profession. 

Understanding Agility and Sports

Agility is a significant part of fitness and plays a valuable role in a lot of physical and sports activities. In addition, there are a number of sports where without having agility, one is not able to play them, and these sports are the following:

  • Soccer
  • Hockey 
  • Volleyball
  • Cricket 
  • Basketball
  • Football 
  • Kabaddi 
  • Rugby 

People have to respond instantly to other players' movements in these kinds of sports. On the other hand, sports like tennis, squash, handball, or table tennis are required players to respond quickly to the ball's position. In addition, individuals have to be agile in order to respond to the changing situations of snow and water surface in the games like snowboarding, surfing, and skiing. 

What are the Things Considered in Agility Physicals? 

Agility and physical fitness are assessed in agility physical examination. In addition, these exams are usually for those who make their career in sports, especially those that require changes in direction and fast movement. Here are some of the main components of agility physical that take into consideration, such as:

Coordination and Balance 

Balance and coordination are important aspects in order to maintaining control over own body while doing any physical activity. There are several exercises that test these two biggest factors, such as:

  • Performing particular movements with maintaining great balance 
  • Standing on only one foot
  • Walking on a balance beam ]


Excellent flexibility is essential for maintaining yourself and preventing injury during physical activity. In order to check your flexibility level, you may have to pass a test like:

  • Various yoga posses 
  • Stretching
  • Reaching for a thing in several positions 

Reaction Time 

It is the time that it takes for a person to respond to a stimulus, like an auditory or visual cue. In addition, reaction time is crucial in sports that require fast reflexes, such as basketball and soccer. 

Agility and Speed Test 

For the speed and agility test, you may have to perform various things, such as:

  • Jumping over obstacles 
  • Zigzagging between cones 
  • Running sprints 

What are the Aspects Checked in Clearance Physicals?

The main purpose of designing clearance physicals is to evaluate a person's overall fitness and health level. Giving this exam is essential for athletes before participating in various organized sports. Here are many key components that one must clear in order to pass physicals, including:


EKG, or electrocardiogram, is a test that checks the electrical activity of the heart. In addition, this test is mainly performed to identify the heart condition of participants, and if they clear this test, they will be able to move further stage. 

Medical History 

The medical history of a person should be clear and good to clear the physicals. In this, several things are considered, such as:

  • Injuries 
  • Medications 
  • Chronic disease 
  • Illness 
  • Surgeries 

Blood Test 

Your blood sugar level, cholesterol level, and many other major aspects associated with health are tested in a blood test. 

Physical Exam 

Physical exam commonly involves particular tests for the lungs, kidney, heart, and important organs. Also, a general physical exam is included in it.  

How to Prepare for Agility and Clearance Physicals

Individuals should prepare for agility and clearance physicals to ensure that they will give their best during the test. Here are some crucial tips that help people while preparing for this specific exam. 

  • Stay hydrated
  • Consider a healthy diet plan and follow it
  • Yoga practice to flexible your body
  • Practice as much as you can 
  • Take appropriate sleep 
  • Do some exercise in a gym 

All these things are essential while preparing for the agile and clearance exam as they will help participants to improve themselves. Therefore, if you have already prepared, then it will be easier for you to perform well in the test, which leads to a high chance of passing the test. However, ordinary people should also pay attention to these things to stay fit and healthy. 

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