Prescription Delivery

If your treatment plan includes precriptions, skip a visit to your local pharmacy and let us send medication right to your door.

Our Prescription Delivery Service:
  • Covered by variety of insurance plans
  • Delivery within 10 miles of nearest clinic
  • Generic and name brand medications




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Pharmacy Delivery  Frequently Asked Questions

Is pharmacy delivery active and live yet?

No our virtual pharmacy program is not live yet, but will go live soon. We will notify all patients once this occurs.

What happens if the prescription delivery is incorrect?

If the prescription delivery is incorrect, feel free to connect with us directly through our website chatbot, or call us directly. You can also visit us at one of our locations and we can fix the issue for you.

Is the cost different for prescription delivery vs picking it up at the local pharmacy?

There is generally no major difference in cost. Any discrepancies will be communicated to you and the insurance company in advance.

How long does it take for the prescriptions to arrive?

Prescriptions will arrive within 24 hours from when the prescription is written. We strive to deliver them within a few hours.

What is the purpose and what are the advantages of pharmacy delivery?

The purpose of pharmacy delivery is to make retail healthcare as easy and simple as possible for you. The primary advantage of a prescription delivery program is that you do not need to leave your door to get a prescription! We just deliver it to you. Through our partnerships with local logistics providers, we can get you the medications you are prescribed faster than it would take to go to your local pharmacy.

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