Manbir Takhar, MD, MPH

Meet Manbir Takhar, MD: Your Dedicated Advanced Primary Care Physician

Manbir Takhar, MD, MPH

Medical Director & Advanced Primary Care Physician

Germantown, MD

About Me
I'm Dr. Manbir K. Takhar, a physician with a deep commitment to your health and well-being. As the founder of the internal medicine practice, truHealthNow (formally known as Medical Access), I'm privileged to serve you with comprehensive care that spans internal medicine, occupational medicine, and more.

Education and Training
Completed undergraduate studies at Guru Nanak Dev University in India, where I also completed my medical degree in 1986
Masters in Public Health from George Washington University

Board Memberships and Certifications
Board-certified in internal medicine
Holds certification from the Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC)

Areas of Expertise and Specialties
My expertise revolves around two critical areas in healthcare:

Internal Medicine: My foundation lies in internal medicine, allowing me to provide holistic care for a wide range of medical needs.
Occupational Medicine: I specialize in addressing the unique health requirements and challenges of the workplace.
Civil Surgeon for Immigration: I am certified to perform immigration exams, ensuring your seamless journey through the immigration process.
DOT Certified: As a certified DOT provider, I am well-versed in performing examinations necessary for individuals in safety-sensitive positions.

Language(s): English, Hindi, and Punjabi

Patient-Centric Approach
I approach patient care with unwavering compassion and a commitment to delivering the highest quality of care. Active listening is at the heart of my practice, as I believe that truly understanding your concerns is the first step in delivering effective care. I also strive to provide motivation, positive energy, and constructive feedback to empower you in your health journey.

Top Health Tip
My number one piece of health advice is centered on lifestyle: "Maintain a good lifestyle with exercise, a healthy diet, quality sleep, and social interaction." These fundamental practices play a pivotal role in preventing chronic diseases and promoting overall well-being. By prioritizing these aspects of your life, you can proactively protect and enhance your health.

Thank you for considering me as your healthcare provider. I am dedicated to partnering with you on your path to lasting health and vitality.

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