Carlos Martinez, MD

Meet Carlos Martinez: Family Medicine and Urgent Care

Carlos Martinez, MD

South Riding, VA

About Me

I'm Dr. Carlos Martinez, and I've spent 10 years in Emergency Medicine before moving into Family Medicine and Urgent Care. My focus areas include caring for people of all ages, guiding weight loss, promoting healthy living, and managing occupational health. I hold board certification in Family Medicine. My medical approach is broad yet targeted, aiming for impactful outcomes in every aspect of care.

Background & Experience

Military Service: Served six years in the ARMY, building a strong foundation of discipline and resilience prior to medical school.
Medical Degree & Residency: Earned at Central Maine Medical Center, focusing on Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine to develop comprehensive medical skills.
Fellowship: Completed a 2-year Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Fellowship at WVU. Associate Professor of Medicine at UVA and VCU. Awarded teacher of the year by VCU & UVA



Favorite Hobby

My passion for endurance sports is reflected in my 12-year commitment to IRONMAN races, marathons, and ultra-marathons. Currently, I'm training for a 100-mile marathon, which underscores my belief in the power of physical activity to enrich anyone’s personal and professional life.

Patient-Centric Approach

In my approach to patient care, I believe in looking at the big picture while focusing on the details that matter most. It's easy to get discouraged when we only look at how far we have to go instead of seeing how far we've come. That's why I focus on celebrating every small win with my patients because those small wins add up to big successes.

Top Health Tip

Echoing Aristotle's wisdom of "Know thyself," I believe self-awareness is fundamental to leading a fulfilling life. Truly understanding who you are can shape your dreams, goals, standards, and beliefs, steering you toward a life filled with purpose and meaning. This philosophy doesn't just apply to personal development; it also informs my approach to patient care. I encourage everyone to approach their health journeys with a sense of self-awareness and purpose, believing this mindset is key to achieving holistic well-being.

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