Brendaline Nettey, LCSW-C

Meet Brendaline Nettey: Behavioral Health Therapist

Brendaline Nettey, LCSW-C

Germantown, MD

About Me

As a clinical social worker and therapist, I utilize a holistic approach to therapy to support those under my care. I am fully committed to your overall health journey. It is a privilege to work together with you to accomplish your health goals.

Favorite Hobby

Outside of my professional life, I enjoy staying active through regular workouts, exploring new destinations through travel, and unwinding with a good TV show. These activities enrich my personal life and contribute to my overall well-being and professional vitality.

Education & Training

  • Bachelor of Science in Family & Human Services – Towson University
  • Master of Social Work – University of Maryland School of Social Work

Board Certifications

  • Licensed Certified Social Worker- Clinical (LCSW-C) 

Patient-Centric Approach

In my practice, I prioritize honoring each patient's self-determination. Supporting patients in achieving their goals while offering my clinical expertise is fundamental. I believe in a holistic perspective on patient care, considering how exercise, diet and socioeconomic factors can influence mental health. My commitment to patient care is rooted in a deep understanding of the complex interplay between various aspects of an individual's life and their mental health.

Top Health Tip

My foremost piece of health advice is to seek balance in all aspects of life. Embracing the philosophy that life is meant to be enjoyed, I advocate for maintaining a healthy equilibrium between work, leisure and personal growth. Regular exercise, a nutritious diet, a vibrant social life, a balanced work-life relationship, setting appropriate boundaries and employing coping mechanisms are essential components of a balanced lifestyle. This approach not only enhances our ability to navigate life's ups and downs but also promotes a sustained sense of well-being and happiness.

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