Bezawit Kuma, PA

Meet Bezawit Kuma: Your Dedicated Physician Assistant

Bezawit Kuma, PA

Physician Assistant

Alexandria, VA

About Me

Hello, I'm Bezawit Kuma, a board-certified Physician Assistant (PA-C) dedicated to providing compassionate and comprehensive healthcare. Fluent in both English and Amharic, I currently serve the Alexandria community at trüHealthNow Primary and Urgent Care. 

Favorite Hobby

Outside of my professional life, I love to spend quality time with family and friends, explore parks, travel, exercise, watch movies, listen to music, and attend church. These activities provide me with relaxation and rejuvenation, allowing me to offer the best care to my patients.

Education & Training

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology
  • Master's Degree in Physician Assistant Studies

Board Memberships and Certifications

  • Physician Assistant Certification
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)

Areas of Expertise and Specialties

I specialize in urgent care, focusing on providing immediate and effective treatment to patients in need. My expertise allows me to address a wide range of medical issues promptly and efficiently.


  • English
  • Amharic

Patient-Centric Approach

I deliver patient care with compassion, respect, and comfort. My bilingualism and healthcare experience in my home country enable me to deliver superior healthcare. I actively listen to my patients' concerns and incorporate their input into their care plans, addressing both physical and mental health needs.

Top Health Tip

My top health advice is to engage in daily physical activity, eat a balanced diet, and ensure regular annual visits and necessary screenings. These practices are crucial for reducing the risk of developing chronic conditions and maintaining overall health.

If you could have dinner with a historical figure, who would it be and why?

I would be honored to have dinner with Mother Teresa. Her unwavering commitment to serving the impoverished and vulnerable deeply inspires my medical journey. Discussing her approach to healing, which emphasized empathy, dignity, and kindness, would be incredibly enriching. Her influence is a cornerstone of my practice, reminding me that true healing extends beyond physical treatment.

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